What do I have to say for myself?

The Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture in Dublin, Ireland

Photo by Sarah Goewey

Hiya. I'm Cat Crowley. I identify as a playwright, a queer individual, a feminist, a sometimes performer, a forever deep-thinker, an extroverted introvert (or an introverted extrovert?), and a hopeless cheese addict.

I grew up in San Diego, CA and I still refer to most people as "dude" while I complain about how the Mexican food here "doesn't even compare". I became a theatre-maker at the tender age of five when I single-handedly produced an impromptu performance of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney version) for my neighbors in my family's living room. Since then I've gone on to complete a BFA in Drama from NYU, had several plays developed and produced in NYC, participated in various writers groups around the city such as FGP Playground and PAGE 73's Interstate 73, and (in 2018) received my first professional production in the great city of Boise, ID.


My resume, located in the "Plays" section of this site, can provide more details regarding my accomplishments. What I'm mostly here to say is thanks for coming here to see what I'm about. My work deals in queerness, absurdity, hilarity, poignancy, social and environmental issues, loneliness, enduring love, fear, genre-bending, gender-bending, and the poeticism of words among many, many other things. If any of that interests you, I think you'll have a grand old time perusing my plays. And if you feel like reaching out, I promise not to catfish you or pretend to be an Arabian prince who needs your help RIGHT NOW.

So come on in, take off your coat, have a complimentary glass of chardonnay, and check out my work.


© Cat Crowley 2017